My free version was working right but it isn´t anymore, is PRO version the answer?  



My free version was working perfectly right but it isn´t anymore.

My host (hostgator) said it is a excess of CPU usage, so I made some tests. I also did all the optimizations they suggested.

The problem is that if I enable another theme to test (twenty nineteen), the website and wp-admin works right and with good speed, but if I enable back the shop4u theme, it gets extremely slow again. Takes more then a full minute to open any admin or frontend page. What is curious is that if I enable Dokan theme, the website and wp-admin get extremely slow too.

Also SW Core plugin that comes with Shop4U is causing an issue in wp-admin and some pages get misconfigured, looks like it is some CSS problem.

I checked the PRO version and could see it has a newer tested version and I wondered if I upgraded to PRO if my CPU limit problems and the bug with SW Core would be solved.

I know I would get 3 months support, so it coulbe be a security, but my site was online and acctive, I have vendors and products there so I need quick and effective solution.

Do you think Pro version will solve my problem?

And if I get the PRO Version, it doesn´t function right and the support can solve the issue, would I have my money back?

I´m waiting anxiously for your answer.

Thank you very much.