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Error in the Google search through eMarket  



Since we have the new eMarket Template, our site is no longer displayed correctly when you search on google, and search terms like sort, grid view, sort by default, o shopping cart etc. are displayed. We also use plugins such as yoast SEO, which have worked smoothly before installing the template.

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Seitdem wir das neue eMarket Template haben wird unsere Seite bei der Suche auf google nicht mehr richtig dargestellt in der Suche kommen Begriffe wie sortieren, Grid view, Sort by Default, o Warenkorb usw. angezeigt. Wir nutzen auch Plugins wie yoast SEO, vor der Installation des Template reibungslos funktioniert haben.

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Thank you very much for your post and sorry for our late reply.

We see that you created a ticket about this issue then our team will follow and support you in the ticket.




thank you very much but unfortunately we have not yet received an answer to the ticket.

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