How to import Demo Data of WordPress themes manually?  



Sometimes we want to import the demo data of WordPress themes manually. Especially, due to the server configuration, we may get the 500 error with the One Click Demo import. 

In this post, we will show you how to import demo data manually. You can follow steps as below:

(In this post, we take an example of importing demo data homepage 2 of Rozy theme. You can do similarly to other themes.)


Step 1: Download the Rozy theme package and Extract

Step 2: Go to the Admin => Tool => Import => WordPress => click on the Run Importer button

Step 3: Click on the Browser button => open the rozy\lib\import\demo-1 folder folder which you extract in step 1 => upload data.xml file ( => then click on the upload file and import button

Step 4: Check for the Download and import file attachments and click on the submit button (

Step 5: After importing success, please go to the Settings => Reading => then set Your homepage displays as you want. (

Step 6: Go to the Admin => Revolution Slider => Import slider => then import slider file of the homepage you want. Ex: and in the rozy\lib\import\demo-2 folder

Step 7: Install and active Widget Importer & Exporter plugin on your site.

Step 8: Go to the rozy\lib\import\demo-1 => then rename widgets.json => widgets.wie (

Step 9: Go to the Tool => Widget Importer & Exporter => Import widget=> upload widgets.wie file => then click on the Import button (


After following the steps above, you can get demo data like in our demo. If there is any question, feel free to contact us then we can support you better.