Problem to access my tickets  



Hi there! I already bought the Autusin theme, a fantastic one indeed. But I'm having difficulties to access my ticket. I had made an account and when checking it, in order to verify my ticket, it was not there and with no answer, even by e-mail. I created a new account (with a different email address) and submited a new ticket. After that, I got an email saying that the second ticket were canceled due to be similar to other. OK, I understand the first one is open yet. But have no more how to visualize the ticket to follow it up. The sistem is requiring a different login and password. Do you guys have any email address to better comunicate with you?

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Hi Yuri,


Thanks for your post and so sorry for missing your question.


I see that you have sent us an email about this issue and it seems to be fixed already.


If there is any question or difficulty, you can create a ticket and send us your site's info and issue at the Support System:

After checking, it will be easier for our technical supporter to follow and help you.